Module cannot reorder

I’ve got a problem of reordering the modules. This is the message I’ve got:

" Couldn’t Write To Database

You probably need to chmod 666 admin.sqlite and chmod 777 the web root directory

Until you do, saving the sort order and hiding modules will not work.
Everything in the modules directory will show up in alphabetical order"

Kind Regards,

Hello @khinelay - You may have to log in to the device over SSto fix this.

  1. Log in to the device over ssh with Putty
  2. run the command sudo chmod 666 /.data/RACHEL/rachel/admin/admin.sqlite
  3. Restart the RACHEL

If you need help logging in over SSH to do this please let me know. If you try this and it doesn’t work I will help you find another solution.


I used FileZilla (instead of command prompt) and change the permission. After restarting, WiFi is available but, there is no hotspot name appears.

hi @khinelay - Which RACHEL OS version you’re on?

Is WIFI enabled from the “hardware” tab in the admin interface?

hi @jamesk
Rachel 3.0.2. WiFi on devices are on (light appeared). but, I cannot connect to the device because no Wi-Fi name appeared on the laptop and phones.

Hi @jamesk I had the same issue but when I ran
sudo chmod 666 /.data/RACHEL/rachel/admin/admin.sqlite
I got permission denied
Any idea what’s happening?
Kind Regards

Hi @khinelay - Can you please log in to the advanced wifi control and check the SSID in the wifi settings.

  1. Log in to the RACHEL admin interface
  2. Go to the hardware tab
  3. Press “click here” where it says "To modify advanced hardware settings (WiFi, DHCP, Firewall, etc.)…
  4. Click Wireless and then check the SSID is set

Hi Howard,

That file won’t exist in that location on a RACHEL-Pi. It should be at /var/www/admin/admin.sqlite

Dear @jamesk,
to login to the RACHEL admin interface, I need to connect to the RACHEL Wi-Fi.

But, RACHEL Wi-Fi doesn’t appear in any devices’ Wi-Fi.


Hi @khinelay - Is it possible to connect a device over the wired connection?

Do you know if the power went out recently or if the device was shut down improperly? it sounds like something may be failing if the wifi isn’t showing anymore.

Thank you @jamesk I’ll try again later

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