Module Transfer Error

Hi Team,
I created some offline modules and wanted to transfer to a RACHEL Plus devise using WinSCP but I am receiving the error message shown below. Does anyone has the fix to this error message? Your assistance is very much appreciated.

@laso.mana – it appears as though the /.data/RACHEL/rachel/modules folder is missing. Is there still a hard drive in RACHEL unit? When you view that RACHEL From another connected device, do you see the original content?

I’m not sure that this will help, but a while back I had a security message from WinSCP and I resolved it by upgrading to the latest release of WinSCP, so I would try that first.

Second, I recall some similar issues with directories being there but not being able to see them back on RACHEL V2 before I upgraded the file system. If you’re on V2, it could have something to do with it.

Good Luck,

Thanks, @LarryY - there is also a known bug we have with FAT32 formatted drives being attached to RACHEL. RACHEL sees them and immediately tries grabbing content into the content portal and for some reason, unmounts in the internal drive during the process. If @laso.mana has the hard drive connected directly to RACHEL this may be the issue also.

@jeremy and @LarryY . Thank you for your replies. My apology for the delay in responding.

Like @LarryY said I did an upgrade of WinSCP but it did not work. However, when I changed permission for the folder, it works well.

@laso.mana that’s great to hear. I’m glad you got the issue resolved!
Have a great day.