Modules in Haitian Creole

Does anyone has educational materials for Haiti? In Creole?
I believe The Ministry of Education in Haiti has some materials in electronic form for all school grades. If someone has them, we would like to use them as well.

@SHOMI may have some as they do deployments in Haiti.

Sorry, I have not been on much lately, night shift has worn me down.

I do not have any in Creole and have not come across any digital documents yet. I am checking with a few contacts to see if they have any knowledge and if I find anything I will pass it on.

The only thing I have in Creole is Jā€™ Aime Haiti_Be A Good Citizen Book. My copy looks like its 5th generation copy, but it works. I cut it down the seem and scanned it to a PDF. I loaded this for the students to use.

The schools we are working with have very little electricity if any at all. A few of the school staff have laptops and smart phones, but they have to plan wisely to save the battery.

The student do learn French, which is what we are using for the bulk of our modules and I have added quite a bit of English modules since there are some of the students learning English as well as some of our team.

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Thanks for the information.
We will keep looking for whatever the ministry of education published in Haiti and let you know. We also work in schools with no electricity and trying to use Rachel sporadically.