Modules not visible on device

My technical college has been using RACHEL-Plus in our jails for about two years on Apple ipads. The RACHEL unit in the jail I am serving was working well with the ipads as recently as last May. When I connect to RACHEL using the same unit and the same devices, the content modules are no longer visible on the home screen or on any of the tabs of the admin. page. To my untrained eyes and un-schooled brain, it looks like the RACHEL unit is “empty” of any content modules.

"RACHEL Version Info: System Software
Hardware i686
OS Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS
RACHEL Installer 3.0.2
KA Lite 0.17.4
Kiwix nightly/2018-4-27 32 bit Intel
Content Shell v2.3.6

Hi the storage drive inside that hosts the content has failed. You can mail it back to us and we can try to revive it.

17779 Main Street
Ste A
Irvine CA 92614

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Hi @TBKittel - we got your device back. The battery had begun to fail and started swelling. This put a lot of pressure on the HDD which also then failed. We have replaced the battery and swapped the HDD for an SSD. We will return to you. Do you have any content requests before we do?

Thank you, Jeremy! That unit is being used in a correctional setting. I’m brand new to this teaching assignment, and a first-time user of RACHEL. I know that the few students participating in the education program in the jail are big fans of Ted Talks. In addition, the students who are working toward the state’s high school equivalency diploma will benefit largely from core academic content: math, language arts, science and social studies, particularly if it’s directly related to GED Exams.

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