Modules on Intro to Technology/ICT


I would like to know if there are any modules currently on the Rachel that contain an ICT curriculum - K-12?

I have seen some general videos on the Khan Academy website.

Thanks, Roberta

Hi Roberta,

I don’t think we have a dedicated ICT module, but there are related resources spread out through different modules. Some topics in GCF2021 may cover parts of an ICT curriculum.

We have a preview of content at which may give you some ideas. You can also browse all of the available Kolibri channels here which may help.

If you have a specific curriculum or website in mind I’d be happy to see if it can be made available in RACHEL.


Hi James,

Thanks for your helpful tip for ICT and links to Rachel and Kolibri!

I will check them out.


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In KA-Lite module, it has ‘computing’
Blockly Game is really good.