Moodle feature appears broken

Hi, I am currently exploring the Moodle install that came with Rachel. It seems to be working, but 1 fairly important feature appears to be broken. The feature is Restrict Access for an activity. This feature allows the teacher to require students to accomplish prior lessons, before being able to access new ones. Overall Moodle seems to be working though, and that’s great. It is a very early version v1.0, the latest version is 3.7. So perhaps a version upgrade could fix it. Not sure. Anyway, even Moodle 1.0 seems to offer many powerful tools for structuring learning and evaluating progress. I am looking at ways to incorporate the Khan lessons into Moodle. Maybe somebody knows a fix or workaround for the Restrict Access problem until we can get a proper upgrade?

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I would like to report an update to this issue of using Restrict Access in an activity on Moodle on Rachel. Turns out it is not broken, but just has a wierd bug. When you first open the Restrict Access it looks broken (nothing in the box) however I discovered that if you wait a while (like 2-3 minutes!) the feature comes to life and works just fine. I noticed that my browser shows a message “connecting” during this waiting period, so it seems to me that the program is first trying to access some source on the internet. After a while, it changes to connecting to cdnjs… something or other, then finally it comes to life and becomes operable, so it looks like when it can’t find an internet connection, it finally uses its own resources and the feature works. I have found that hooking up Rachel by ethernet cable to my router, it dramatically improves the wait time (still about 20 seconds) so that is a partial workaround. Perhaps this is a bug that was missed when they tried making a version of Moodle that would work offline on Rachel.

That sounds reasonable, there are a few resources on RACHEL which require a timeout before they default back to a local configuration option. If adding internet to RACHEL jumps the time for the feature to work, I would say you have correctly diagnosed the issue.