Moodle on Rachel


MOODLE on RACHEL+ can access by MOODLE Mobile App. After students downloading the courses, answering the questions offline.

  1. When he/she reconnect to the RACHEL+ MOODLE, will those contents sync?
  2. If we’d like to update MOODLE version, would it be possible in RACHEL+ 3?

Hi @khinelay. The moodle mobile app looks very interesting to me. I didn’t know it existed. Thanks so much for this post! :grinning:
I would like to mention for any others who wish to use this feature, that you must go into the Moodle administration block and check the box to Enable Mobile Web Services in order to let the Mobile app “talk” to the Moodle app on Rachel.
@khinelay, I was able to login to the Rachel Moodle module via the Moodle android app, however, it shows no content. It says ‘no courses’ but I do in fact have a few test courses installed that show when I login just using a web browser. Moodle app looks very promising if would allow offline delivery of lessons on phones and tablets.
update: on further research, I think the problem might be that we are using Moodle 1.0. Current Moodle app requires v3.0 There is also a “Classic Moodle Mobile” on the google playstore, however it doesn’t work with anything prior to v2.4. Looks like upgrade needed to enable this functionality. This would be very applicable to the students in our little school. Many have cheap smart phones but no internet, or very limited bandwidth. They are also only able to access the school for about 6-8 hrs/week. So offline learning would be a game changer.

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Hi @Brian_Stanton Administration > Plug Ins > Web services > Enable Web Services

And did you enroll the users? Because I can see the courses if the users are enrolled in that course.

I’m testing the downloading the courses, answering offline & syncing to the website features

I also need to test to sync with Moodle sites in the Internet (hope it works).
I tried course upload but not successful yet.

Hi @khinelay, thanks for the tip. Yes I finally got that working. My impression is that there are problems with the Rachel Moodle install. It is v1.0, but latest is 3.7. So some features are not available or not working, but overall it seems like a powerful tool. Kahn lessons are a wonderful resource, but the tools for guiding and tracking student activities are primitive. So I am exploring incorporating Khan material (and other sources) into Moodle courses. The Restrict Access feature appears broken for the Moodle install. Most important for my situation, this version doesn’t support the Moodle App which could potentially be used to allow students to work on course material offline and while away from the Rachel using a tablet or phone. So hopefully an upgrade will come. I know Jeremy and his team are working like 1 armed paper hangers on this stuff. :grinning:

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I think Moodle install is not v1.0. It’s 3

Hi @khinelay, thanks! I was fooled because when I go to http://my.content/admin/version.php in Rachel, it lists v1.0 for Moodle. I discovered by going to Moodle -> Administration -> Server -> Environment that you are quite right, the moodle is v3.1. That’s good news. Have you tried getting Moodle on Rachel Lessons to download onto a device with Moodle App? Did it work for you?

I checked here:
I’ve found Moodle 3.16, still there are updated versions.

Yes, the course downloaded to my mobile app and access it. I still need to check sync back to the server. The import courses do not work. Can you import your courses?

I will let you know if I have any success with the sync function; haven’t tried yet.
I have not tried to import a course yet. Do you mean like a SCORM file? Do you know a source for material that would be valuable to import, either free or fee-based? I haven’t had luck in finding much (just a few, college level and not applicable for poor ESL children.
Moodle app does seem to work for offline though, which is important. However, if I want to use the Khan Academy material on Moodle, its seems to me the videos would be easy, but the exercises would have to be entered into Moodle as quizzes by hand, a huge job.

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Hi @khinelay, I’ve had a chance to test the Moodle App a bit more. Its true that you can put courses on it and they will download to the app for offline viewing. A great feature! However, the version of Moodle on Rachel has an older version of the Quiz activity which does not permit the quiz to be taken offline. When you try it says “can’t connect to the server now”. The key setting is ‘Extra Restrictions on Attempts’ . In the rachel version, you don’t have the option ‘Allow Quiz to be attempted offline via the Moodle app’. I have a cloud version of Moodle 3.7 that does have this feature, and it works nicely. The limitation is that you can’t use a ‘timer’ for the question, and you can only use ‘deferred feedback’. Sync works nicely once your device has a connection to the server again.

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Thank you for the information, @Brian_Staton. If we create the quizzes in other Moodle site, export & import to our Rachel site, would it be okay?

I haven’t tried, but I suspect that will cause an error, since the supporting scripts don’t exist yet in the 3.1 version. Best thing will be to wait until the good gnomes at World Possible work out the kinks on upgrading the Moodle to current 3.7.

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