Need World Possible Support

So sorry, but I don’t know how to get / request for customized support from World Possible experts. I am interesting in discussing customized installations, customized module building, and project teaching support. I listened to the video and heard how this is available but did not find any link to reach out and directly solicit expert support for customization.

Again, so sorry.

Hi Allen,

Can you be a little more specific about what your needs are?

We do get a number of requests for customized support and unfortunately do not yet have the resources to respond to them all individually. Using these forums does allow us to give answers to questions which are then stored for public use and consumption.

Rather than not providing support at all, we try to use these forums to create answers everyone can learn from.

Perhaps you post your questions one at a time and we can work through them that way.


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I am the administrator of a small private school in a rural area. We installed the Rachel version for corrections because we have to be careful what content our students (some as young as 12) can access. Unfortunately, our students still found some things that are objectionable to their parents. I need to find out how my computer person can delete/block a few things. Please help me find out how to get this done. Thanks!

Hi @Meanprincipal – There can be different processes for different pieces of content. Can you be more specific about the content? In general, the best thing to do is to remove the entire manual by logging in as an admin. The other solutoins are possible, but more technical.


Specifically, parents are complaining about a ted talk by Mary Roach dealing with 10 things you may not know about orgasm, a wiktionary entry for monokini which shows a topless woman, and and entry in wikipedia for schools under the heading of “human” which displays a picture of a nude female and a nude male. I know this may seem trivial, but it is causing some problems for me in dealing with these parents. I am not very computer literate, so when you say that it is best to remove the entire manual, does that mean all of wiktionary, wikipedia for schools, and all ted talks? Thank you for your response.

I can get my computer specialist to help if the answer is more technical than I have the skills to handle.