New deployment > Vishwa Bharti Rotary School - Shamshabad, Agra, India

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to RACHEL and will doing my first deployment on behalf of H2OpenDoors at the Vishwa Bharti Rotary School.

I’ve had the good fortune to observe Jackline John Seni doing teacher trainer at the ASMK Foundation in Shinyanga, Tanzania; having an enlightening conversation with John Walker regarding the cultural awareness when deploying RACHEL in a new country; and an informative introduction to the RACHEL itself from Norberto Mujica.

I’ve also watched the 39 and 6 minute video intros by Jeremy Schwartz, read his Introducing RACHEL to your target community post, familiarized myself with the interface and content, and am getting ready to do a deep dive into the Teacher and Facilitators guides.

Thanks for your inspiration!


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Leaving for India tomorrow to deploy RACHEL at the Vishwa Bharti Rotary Schoo as part of H2OpenDoors.

First deployment. Nervous excitement prevails!

Thank you @Steve for all your help.

Good luck Alex. May the ‘nervous excitement’ pass, only to be left with ‘prevail!’. I am sure all involved will appreciate your efforts and benefit from your works…

Alex, I’m back from maternity leave from World Possible and catching up on things. How did your deployment to India go? I’m sure that folks here would love to hear about it and see some photos!