New Rachel, new deployment, no wifi


Powered up RACHEL for the first time yesterday, reviewed the 6 and 39 minute video intros, logged into the Admin console, familiarized myself with the RACHEL interface, began reviewing the Teacher & Facilitators guides. Smooth sailing for 3+ hours.

Today I am unable to obtain a wireless signal to RACHEL.
The SSID light is not coming on.
The unit is fully charged.

I have twice powered down RACHEL by doing a long press on the button below the blue light, and waited 5 minutes before re-powering.

After pressing for 10 seconds, the blue light comes on, no pulsing and no wifi.

I have twice rated 10+ minutes for the wifi signal.

Attempted to connect to RACHEL directly via ethernet from my MacBook Pro using USB-C ethernet adapter to both ethernet ports on RACHEL. No luck.
Will attempt LAN connection via router tomorrow.
Considering doing a hard reset.

We are leaving for India on January 1st for our first H2OpenDoors / Rotary Club of Peninsula Sunrise deployment at Vishwa Bharti Rotary School in Shamsabad, Agra.

Requesting guidance to resolve this issue ASAP.

I am posting this on the community forums as well.