I am new to RACHEL. I have been asked to use for a new program to help at-risk students. I am not computer savvy…am ‘techno-challenged’ even. I have NO CLUE as to how to get started. Is there a training course some where to help? I can learn this…I just need help getting started. I need: OK…start here…then do this…then do that. A step x by step guide of sorts. IS THERE ANYTHING OUT THERE FOR ME???

Hi Tracy,

I’m exploring a similar application for a public middle school, special education class (EBD, emotional and behavioral disorders). My wife teaches the class and is also techno-challenged. I’m a software developer. Aside from a problem with version 3.0 that’s nearing resolution, RACHEL is practically plug and play. Do you already have a device?

Jeremy’s overview is a good place to start.

The more critical question for you is: how will you use RACHEL? Are your students institutionalized? How old are they? How will they connect to the device? What sort of computer will they use, Windows laptop, desktop, Chromebook or something else? How old are these computers and what operating system do they use? What version of the operating system? Will each student have a personal computer, or will they share computers in a lab? Will they be self-directed, strictly in a classroom setting with a common curriculum or some combination thereof? Will they have extended access to the device or only limited time each day? Do you have specific content requirements, like middle school Earth Science or high school algebra or practical skills like typing?

I’m in Georgia, near UGA in Athens. Where are you?


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Hi Martin,

I am in Utah. I will check out the video and see if that helps. Thank you !


Tracy and Martin - would be happy to set a phone chat to discuss if you’d like. I’m based in California, where I’ve been a classroom teacher for 25 years + I’ve been deploying RACHELs in SA & Zim for a few years. You can email me at

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