Now available in French!

I’m pleased to announce the release of our first RACHEL-USB in French!

You can preview the content here and download it here. You can also purchase a copy at our online store.

As our first version, the collection is a small, but includes our most popular content: Khan Academy videos and Wikipedia.

RACHEL-USB is a special simplified version that requires no special software and works on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. To achieve this we have to selectively trim some content and rework the search systems to use Javascript.

If you like RACHEL-USB, check out our WIFI-capable server options which include more dynamic content and the ability to add, remove, and update modules.

I took a RACHEL-USB in French to Haiti in January and they love it! Thanks so much for this useful collection.

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Super! Glad to hear it was helpful :slight_smile:

They sent photos. Lastic, Haiti.