Open Source install available?

Hi - I would like to deploy to a new school classroom in Kenya, is there no longer an opensource self install for the Rachel?

Hi @June - Which device are you looking to deploy RACHEL on? We have installers available for Linux and premade images available for the Raspberry Pi here.

planning to do with a raspberrypi or a protectcli. Thanks for such a quick response!

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Happy to help :slight_smile:

I’d suggest the Raspberry Pi to start because we have a lot of experience with it and there are other users deploying it. There’s also a tutorial linked there that should help get you started with a Pi. There will be new images available tomorrow on that post that fix support for the Raspberry Pi 3B+. The images currently there work with the Raspberry Pi 4.

Installers are a lot more complicated because we have to tailor them specifically for the hardware and OS, as well as the specific package versions installed on the OS, which requires me to have the same hardware. The protectcli does look interesting, I’ll look into it.

Thanks I was able to install on the pi and things are running great, except for data capacity, is it possible to use an external drive and direct file storage there?

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It’s possible but not officially supported. You could create a symbolic link for the /var/www/ folder to point to /media/usb/usb0 folder instead, and then copy the contents of /var/www to the USB device.

What most people do is use a larger USB drive for the main drive or a larger MicroSD card. You can boot from USB as well, with a little extra work depending on the Pi model.