Overriding module FTP upload prohibition

I’ve developed a custom module just for our one box, not for public distribution.

When attempting to upload it to the modules/ subdirectory, the “root” privileges for that directory prohibit my “cap” credentials. And so I’m assuming I’m not doing it right.

What is the proper approach to installing one’s own modules?

Thanks! . . . . . . Ken

I discovered (through trial and error) that the root password is the same as the original cap password, and so I was able to upload my new module (to the end of the list), shuffle the new module (to the top of the list) and, voilà, there it is!

Sorry to take up bandwidth.

Sorry you had to discover this for yourself. We have all been busy. I think we should probably publicize this with a clear warning to use it only when necessary. Because the password is the same for root and cap, for many operations you can stay logged in as cap and use sudo and just type in the password again. For using WinSCP, you need to log on as root to complete some operations. I still use cap as much as possible.

It isn’t the sudo that I’ve become worried about … its the fact that the root password is known to others. I think RACHEL administrators should realize that not only need they change the cap password but they should change the root password before putting the box out in the field. Ne’erdowells who recognize they are on a RACHEL box might check to see if the root password was ever changed.