Package for analytics / monitor / tracking

Dear Rachel community,

Willing to use Rachel in some schools, we are interested in knowing which contents and packages are more interesting for students, and get other typical website metrics. We wonder if there is a package (we didn’t find any in the search) that does this, or it integrates with an open web analytics or similar. Note that classes are offline.

We would be interested to know if there is a group or discussion about it (the most similar thing we found was Captive portal for user monitoring)

Best regards and thanks,

Hi @bustawin, sorry for the slow reply! What countries will you be using RACHEL for schools in? We don’t currently track usage metrics across RACHEL, but we’ve heard from our users which content modules are most used in various areas. Often Wikipedia and Khan Academy are the most popular, and of course local content is heavily used as well where we have it.

Let me know which country/countries you’re working in and we can connect you to some others who can tell you more about what they use the most!