Partnership with EduAirProject

Hi everybody,

We hear about this project from Cameroon.

My name is Yann Nkengne Founder of EduAir :

We have for the past two years launched our Educational Boxes (EduairBox) in africa based on WebRTC technology around raspberryPi and Intel NUC. These boxes have an offline media library and a communication system (screen sharing, work team creation, video calling and file transfer) that allows the creation of virtual workshops; All without internet connection.

Students in 8 schools in Cameroon already benefit from these boxes to learn and collaborate without internet connection by using WebRTC. Each Box has its own Wifi communication network.

The project is opensource and we are currently completing its 3rd version which will finish in a month.
We are currently preparing to install the EduAirboxes in 4 other African countries to create a network of these Boxes in which all the Boxes will communicate with each other in order to allow students from all countries to be together.

EduAir and Rachel have similarity and we want to join you in order to organize our efforts since our boxes also uses the Kiwix software and also aims to deliver offline content.

Regarding the team of Kiwix we have been working together for 4 years and I am personally Wikimedian and Cameroonian residing in Cameroon (

My team is certain that getting together for these types of projects remains beneficial.

Hi @yanstv - do you think we can set up a time to talk? Skype?

Hi @jeremy . Of course we can.
Let say Monday. 12am GMT?

Could we do Thursday at 12am GMT?

Ok ,
It’s cool

My skype ID is yanstv.
My team will be there

Hi Yannick – trying to find you on Skype, I’m on now as world.possible