Personal Pi Project

Hi. I’m working on building a portable, solar-rechargable PC based on a Pi. I’ve been searching for a way to include wiki, medical references, etc. for anyone who would want to use this “off the grid” or for “extended home school” trips, and other similar scenarios.

In my searching, I found the RACHEL Project and would love to use it.

My plan is to sell the hardware. Would it still be okay to include a copy of RACHEL loaded onto the PI if I’m not specifically charging for it?

I’d love to use what you’ve compiled, but I want to honor the spirit of it too. Please let me know, if this would be acceptable. Let me know if you have any other questions for me.

If this is a better conversation to have offline, feel free to email me directly at

Thank you!

Hi @thewilburgun

Unfortunately, you cannot sell hardware with RACHEL on it. The content itself has individual license restrictions which we work with providers on, so we don’t even have the authority to say yes to it. Our work, making the content available offline is licensed for non-commercial use. There are a few folks doing similar projects, I’d invite you to check out who has a wonderful setup through Arizona State University.


Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the clarification. I really do like RACHEL and don’t want to do anything that would harm your efforts.

I’ll check out Thanks for your help!

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