Peruvian Amazon RACHEL Installations July/August 2017

Hi. I’m going to be in Peru near Iquitos this summer installing RACHEL-PIs in a few schools and libraries along the river. Anyone else installing in Peru?

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Hello! How are you?

I’m Andres, from Uruguay, currently living in Lima Peru. The Project seems very interesting to me, I am a computer specialist and I would like to implement Rachel in some community. You were in Iquitos this year? How was your experience?


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Hi Andrés,

Nice to meet you. I was in Iquitos in July and August. I’m planning to return soon and applying for grants to install a RPi lab with RACHEL.

What is your plan for installing RACHEL?


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Hi Dana,

I’d like to implement it in some communities in Peru in the future. Could you share some of your experience in Iquitos with the RPi lab?