Porting rachel to android devices

Has the idea of using old(or new ) and unused phones from people from the developed world has been thought?
Phones have the option to be wireless access points and let devices browse to them.
Let me know what you think and if this is an interesting approach.


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Hi @Ilan – we tried developing an app, that actually did work for a while. Android later restricted app access to microSD card content, which made it nearly impossible for us to continue. I believe they subsequently reversed that decision, but we have not had resources to reinvest in the app.

APK: ftp://ftp.rachelfriends.org/old/z-rachelandroid_APK/

Video install: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-UCMjokl4Y&t=2s

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Is their access to the source code ?

There isn’t any real code in there, just off the shelf tools packaged together. It’s all in the apk download itself.

You mean that the apk you have built is no longer usable and I should just stick with the youtube explaination to install it?

you tube explanation. It is not usable on android 5.0. I believe it is usable on both newer and older versions of android.