Powering on but not booting


I’m supposed to present the Rachel Plus 3.0 to my partners (I’m in the Philippines) tomorrow. The problem is that it is turning on, but not booting. As in, the power light in on, but the wifi signal does not light up, and no signal is being sent.

I see that other people have had the same or similar difficulties. Have there been any solutions?

Please help


Hi Anna,

My apologies for the issue encountered. Unfortunately, we don’t have a field update that this time, but are making progress. We are however, able to reconfigure the device. If you would like to have the device reconfigured, please:

  1. Send the device back for reconfiguring (5151 California Ave, Suite, Irvine CA 92617)
  2. Send an email to steve@worldpossible.org
  3. Include your full name
  4. Include the return tracking number
  5. Provide your order number (if possible)

We will:

  1. Reprocessed with the latest updates
  2. Passes our latest diags (which now includes multiple reboot & Wi-Fi connection testing)
  3. Returned expeditiously

Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.