Press and hold down Rachel Plus to switch off

I just want to know what will happen;

If I press and hold down power button for more than 5 seconds to shutdown the Rachel Plus device.

Hello @NN1992 - If you hold the power button down for 5 seconds to turn the device off it is considered a “hard shutdown”. This means that the operating system and running software will not shut down properly. This can cause errors on the system depending on what was running at the time. I would not do this type of shutdown or you may have to recover the device.

Hi Jamesk, Thank you so much for your reply.

We have one of our teacher in charge of the Rachel Plus E-Library; he press and hold down power button for more than 5 sec to shutdown the Rachel Plus storage and he did that for 4 times and the fifth time he switch it on (press power button and hold it for 5 sec) Rachel plus device switched on and giving these errors below;

  1. Wifi SSID shown and picked up on the Wifi devices (Mobile Phone) with the IP address. When click on the IP address to access the information it gives this error message: 404 Not Found. nginx/1.10.3 (Ubuntu).
    After 5 minutes Wifi SSID shown on the Wifi available network list on the Wifi device (Mobile Phone), when click on the Rachel Plus Wifi SSID its saying disconnected; and didn’t directed to the browser to view the documents.

  2. I did hard shutdown again and power it on again: this time there is no Wifi light coming on on the Rachel plus device, only the power light is on.

  3. Default LAN IP didn’t picked up from the Host PC and the Ncomputing Terminals.

  4. I am unable to login as admin into the setup page for Rachel Plus to do changes.

I am suspecting that all the configuration set up files for the Rachel Plus has been removed therefore it has these issues.

Is there’re some way we could re-configure the Rachel Plus device back to its initial stage?

Hello @NN1992 - Unfortunately this sounds as though some corruption has happened due to the multiple improper shutdowns. This is very likely to happen when the a hard shutdown occurs through pressing the power button for 5 seconds. In this case, since it was shut down this way multiple times, I think your device will need to be recovered to a factory state.

Can you please message me directly with your order # and I will provide factory recovery instructions.


Hello @jamesk - Thank you I message you order number for the items.

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Thank you @NN1992. I hope that helps!