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Boundless Textbooks (College)
Saylor University (College)
CK-12 (K-12)

Course Supplements (Distance Learning):
Saddleback College Algebra
MIT Offline CLEP

Self-paced ABE equivalent:
KA-Lite (K-12 Interactive)
Math Expression
Understanding Algebra (James Brennan)
PhET Science Simulations

Oregon Law Library
Wikipedia for Schools

Life Skills:
Fairshake Re-entry Resources
Fantastic Phonics Literacy
GCF Learn Free
Farming and Agriculture
Music Theory
Storybooks and Web Design

Great Books of the World
TED Talks


What’s the difference between RACHEL-Plus and RACHEL for Corrections?

@carall - mostly just the default content that comes installed on the device. The corrections edition has a ‘censored’ package, meaning we start with RACHEL-Plus and then remove objectionable content manually (things like prohibited reading “The Art of War” or nudity in Wikipedia on a “pregnancy” article). There is actually quite a long list of content we remove from RACHEL-Plus to get to RACHEL-Corrections. We then do add a couple of packages which are corrections specific (fair-shake and adult literacy training).

Is it possible to get those censored modules for Rachel-Plus? That could potentially alleviate some of the concerns we have in our facilities that would require the module be blocked entirely. Or is it possible to customize modules (like TED Talks) to remove specific videos that would not be audience appropriate?

We don’t host censored versions of the modules, it’s a manual process we do to remove the content, but it is easy to replicate that process if you have some familiarity with linux command line.

For TED talks, the best thing would be to tell us which videos you want to remove and we would add it to the process for you.

If you want to be totally hands off, you can ship us the units and we’re happy to do that work and update all yhe devices for you for free.


I just received two RACHEL servers that I will be taking to Ghana next week and I need to get the anatomy parts censored. Is there a chance I can jump on the phone or a screen share with anyone to be able to do this sometime in the next few days? I know some basic coding but no familiarity with Linux command line.
Alternatively, if you can send me two new ones with the anatomy parts already edited, then I can send these ones back.

Thank you!!