Promoters of lord's mountain seek rachel


At the onset of August 2018 we were delighted, as World Possible Representatives in Zambia, to receive a Happy team of Promoters of Lord’s Mountain orphanage in the Southern Region of Zambia.
The Team was a benevolent group of Families from the United States that have devoted their lives to helping transform Children’s lives in Local Communities of Africa, Particularly Zambia through providing for them a chance to access Education.

At our meeting with them, we learned tonnes of things from their experience of running the orphanage and how much more they have grown from the experiences. Our objective in the meeting was to find a middle ground in which we could support one another in the shared goals of our operations, as well as for them to learn more about RACHEL.

Like every other successful story, their knowledge of RACHEL came from a random encounter with a gadget that could help them provide remotely and cheaply academic content for learners of all age groups. And one inquiry with World Possible Support led them to an amazing journey of connection and aligned interests that finally brought them to learning of the World Possible Community growing in Zambia.

We have worked with LMO and Bernard to establish the Zambezi Electronic Library (ZEL) and we use servers and tablets to give the children access to lots of great educational material.

We hope to bring with us the latest version of Rachel and are working on the funding as we speak.

We will be in Lusaka on August 2 and then off to Zambezi District on August 3. We’d love to connect with you guys and learn about what you are doing.

-It’s always an amazing journey growing with World Possible. -


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Here are more images to see how our evening meeting went.!IMG_20180802_182040