Purchase by wire transfer for individual schools

Greetings from Kathmandu,
Here at Peace Corps Nepal, we are introducing RACHEL to volunteers and government schools via a “Loan & Train” program. Our office is in the process of purchasing 18 RACHEL Plus devices to loan to education volunteers for up to 20 weeks. They will in-turn buy a permanent RACHEL device for their school with grant funds. However, the volunteer/counterpart/school local bank cards (with VISA) only allow purchases in Nepali Rupees, so we assume they cannot use the website to purchase the devices. Is it possible to purchase via wire transfer? Or are there other methods of payment that you have used in circumstance like this?

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Thanks for reaching out. It’s great to hear your plans for a RACHEL device in Nepal.

To organize a payment method please contact us through out chat on our website at https://worldpossible.org/. We can help work out a payment process there.

There’s a chat button on the bottom right.