Rachel Content Organization/Structure

Can we create “class” or grade level Rachel pages that have specific resources geared towards a particular grade or class?
We are beginning to plan for a Sierra Leone deployment.

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If you’re talking about using the existing resources on RACHEL to create class pages, you could create a “module” which just consists of links to other parts of RACHEL. For instance, a module for grade 1 which links to some KA-Lite exercises, some WIkipedia articles, a book, etc.

If you’re talking about adding your own resources, you can use RACHEL-Plus’ web interface tool to upload and categorize PDFs / videos / etc. You would utilize a tagging function to tag content to items like grade 1.

Either way, you should familiarize yourself with our module creation tools and probably find some help from someone who knows a little html. http://community.worldpossible.org/c/content/creating-modules

If you use Kolibri you can do just that