Rachel Corrections - Making a new lesson

I teach in a jail and we were recently provided a Rachel Corrections edition. I am following the steps to create a new lesson provided in the help guide, but they don’t show up. It’s just always black. What am I doing wrong?

Update to this…I’ve found that if I click on the “Lessons” tab, it is blank, but when I click on the “Sort by Date”…I see all of the lessons I’ve made. I then select the one I want, and select add content, then I add content and get the confirmation. I then made the lesson a “featured lesson” but it doesn’t show up in the teacher or student view. Need advice please.

Hi @jwheeler – we can take a look at this on our end. Can you provide the last six digits of the MAC ID on the back of the device? That’ll help us make sure we rebuild the same unit on our end for testing.

I actually figured it out…It was because I was on an old laptop using Internet Explorer. It worked once I switched to Chrome. Thanks for following up though! I did try to delete my original post.

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Great, hopefully you don’t mind if we leave the post up. It may help someone else one day, it’s a problem I remember hearing about some time back as well.