RACHEL Deployment in Baucau Area, Timor Leste

Many thanks to the World Possible Team for this RACHEL Initiative, as we have just completed a 2 Week Trip with your RACHEL Capabilities, 1st 2 weeks of June-2018, in Timor-Leste, specifically in the Baucau Area, working with the Good Crocodile Foundation, as known as as FLD, which has very good relationships with local Communities and Schools. For more details about FLD, hit this link

For more details about our trip, watch this Video

In Summary, we finished this trip, with RACHEL deployed

  • in 8 Schools, with 2 Monitors each
  • in 2 Health Clinics

Also, very exciting was to see local FLD staff enabled and confident with this new RACHEL Initiative, and enabling School staff & students to work through and have fun with the RACHEL Content.

We also have to highlight, the strength of the Raspberry Pis, as a desktop computer with it’s abilities to

  • Play Video & Audio with omxplayer
  • Able to to create Docs, Spreadsheets and Presentations with LibrOffice
  • Educational Content itself such as Mathematica and Wolfgram
  • Used it to learn how to do python coding
  • Play Computer Games

In terms of What’s Next with our RACHEL know-how discovery:

  • If Languages such as Portugese-Brazil is installed for KA-Lite, can it sit alongside English on a 64GB MicroSD Card, or does it need a 128GB MicroSD Card - working through this …
  • RACHEL-in-a-Box for lots of Schools. Do we need 2 tablets and a RACHEL-Pi, which is Simple to Set-Up, or do we need 2 Desktops which will need to be looked after.

We are looking forward to FLD feedback on how these deployments are going, and potentially considering further rollouts.



My name is Ryan And I work with a organization who is wanting to use the Rachel throughout the pacific islands. I was wondering how the hardware worked for you? How long did it take to set up a device and have teachers/users to be able to effectively use the device? How did older and younger generation do with using internet for the first time? What was your energy source for computers and Rachel device. Would love to hear how this deployment worked for you.


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Hey Ryan

Great to hear, you have an interest in the RACHEL Initiative.

What helped our project with determining, what was going to make it work, was based on the following:

  • Previous trips deploying Ubuntu Computers with Libre office training with Teaching Staff
  • Purchased/Tested both Pi and Plus configs, working out Content, Language,etc
  • Tested with a variety of Wifi Playback devices, which included tablets, phones, laptops, etc
  • Conference Call with Key Players, who would be Lead Trainers during rollout

Let me know, if this was the sort of thing you were looking for

Also, did you see this video record of the event