Rachel experience in Nicaragua?

Our Rotary Global Grant team is planning to include RACHEL or RACHEL-plus units to a water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) project in three rural schools near San Juan del Sur. I have spoken with Jeff Harris about their Rotary work in Guatemala and I was particularly interested in their work with World Possible on integration of Ministry of Education curricula. We’d be very interested in this for Nicaragua as well as WASH training materials. If others have suggestions or direct experience in Nicaragua we’d love to hear from them. Thanks, pat@coyles.com.

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Hi @Patrick_Coyle – we unfortunately don’t have anything for Nicaragua in particular, but if you find some good content, please let us know so we can keep it around.

Thanks, will see what we can come up with and share it.


Consider contacting Change for Children as they do water projects in Nicaragua and plan to use RACHEL PLUS there when things stabilize again.


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