Rachel future plans

Hello this is Joshua from the housing authority of Austin and we have created a custom Rachel image to put on desktops we are donating to residents. We combined Rachel pi and Rachel plus modules. Some modules we found not to work such as Fairshake and African storybook. In the future will Rachel still be as customizable as we’ve been able to do up to now?

Hi @Joshua_Lee! Absolutely. There continue to be some more advanced modules which require software in addition to just our modules. Fairshake for instance, requires wordpress get installed. WordPress is a tough install in many offline settings.

I’m not sure why you’re having troubel with African Storybooks though. Can you provide me the full module name en-afristory for example?


We actually got african story book to work now. The files were embedding themselves levels down in the var. folder. Thanks for the info!

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Hi @Joshua_Lee,

I previously helped @georgefarray who I think might work with you over at this post. Did you guys use the installer? If so you should be able to install everything directly in the RACHEL admin interface.


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Hi @jamesk – did you ever get Fairshake to work? I didn’t do the initial Fairshake / WordPress install on RACHEL but I heard it was fairly complicated. Fairshake is the only WordPress site we’ve used.

Hi @jeremy,

I haven’t looked at Fairshake because of the 14GB download size but I have looked at installing Wordpress on the Pi. I will take a look at it this week. I think it will probably be a bit different for Ubuntu. If they’re using the Ubuntu installer I can write a new function for it.

edit - I just realized it’s 1.4 gb. Whoops!

Hi @Joshua_Lee, could you provide some info/links on how to perform your laptop installs. I believe that could be very helpful here. (East Malaysia).

@jeremy - I’ve been looking at en-fairshake and it may need to be rebuilt but I’m not sure. I think a lot of the content is missing as most links on the main page don’t load. I thought maybe it was generated somehow at runtime in php but I’ve looked for some of the main links in the code and the only references I found was a single redirect to folders that don’t exist. Any ideas?