Rachel homepage (reorder the content) link fail to sign in


On the common known admin link on the Rachel homepage, for some software it was installed as reorder the content link on the top corner of the Rachel homepage.

The admin login credentials are known to be

user: admin
Password: Rachel+1

For the case of reorder content link, the log-in credentials above does not accept opening. Is there other login details required different from these?

Are you able to get a screenshot of the “reorder the content link”?

I am not able to screen shot, I received this query from users in other region. I tried to give some few combination that I saw in some thread.

I don’t know if they will serve purpose. I just want to get feedback if there is different combination apart from admin/Rachel+1

I am not sure what “for some software it was installed as reorder the content link on the top corner of the Rachel homepage” entails. Reordered name/password credentials? I am not aware of any other login credentials other than admin/Rachel+1 on any Rachel Plus. Or reordering. Perhaps this predates CAP1/2 & 3 revs or I am misunderstanding. I’ll need to check with Jeremy.

May have nothing to do with it, but providing awareness: When typing the name or password, if there is a blank space entered either before or after, the login will fail and continue to fail if the filed is saved in the browser cache. if you go into Incognito, the name and password are not cashed, thus works. The user would need to completely backspace in the standard browser in both name/password fields, before re-entering credentials.


Thank you . Will see if I can locate user name and password for this rev. Pic should jar some memories. Guessing this unit is a very early rev…

Hi Jseni,

Please let me know if you have no luck. If needed, we can use ssh to get into the unit and change the password for the Rachel admin area.

My only guess is

username: root
password: rachel


username: rachel
password: rachel

I had no luck. How can we use the ssh?

The password is in a secure db on the device. I am checking/researching to se if we can get access (to ssh in and change the password?).

Please email me offline. I would like to help provide a solution, while safeguarding user security. Steve@WorldPossible.org