Rachel in Haiti

if is anyone already using Rachel in Haiti?

If so, please let me know about their experiences.

I would like to create a non-profit in Haiti to:

  1. Ensure that teachers in Haiti have access to quality free educational resources
  2. Give all children the opportunity to create via blogging, website creation and coding by:
  • Making tech courses and nursing courses available on our portal & offline.
  • Facilitating the creation of coding, IT & tech clubs throughout Haiti
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Hello @KirbSCH,

It’s great to hear about your plans to use RACHEL in Haiti.

@SHOMI has deployed RACHEL-Pi there several times with some information here https://community.worldpossible.org/t/deloyment-haiti-rachel-pi-january-2019/1004/4. It may be helpful to reach out to them about their experience.

Converting online content like nursing and tech courses to be available offline on RACHEL will likely require some development. If you have this content already we’d be happy to look at that for you and see what’s possible.