RACHEL in KZN in 2017

Hi all – I’ll be visiting central KwaZulu-Natal for March, April and May this year. During that time I’ll be setting up RACHEL in some schools in the Dundee area. If you want to get together to trade ideas, make plans, or learn about using RACHEL in your school, drop me a line here!

Particularly if your school has a computer lab already, and you’re not sure you’re making the most of it, let me know. I’d love to help figure out how to make the most of that valuable resource.

Hi Jonathan and all - I’ll be in the Durban area March 10 - 12 visiting a colleague who has brought RACHEL content to a center in Ixopo. Then heading to PE 13 - 15 March to launch a pilot project with a RACHEL-plus at a PE secondary school. I’m especially interested in training local youths to assemble RACHEL devices using locally available Raspberry Pi kits. I agree with Jonathan, a school that already has a computer labs and/or tablets, but has limited access is probably very well suited to these excellent tools.


I think we’ll overlap in Durban - let’s keep in touch via email and try to grab lunch or something!

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Hi Jonathan,

I wish I had seen this earlier…

I work for an NGO based in South Africa which offers a tablet-based educational solution. We currently use linux servers for caching content and wondering whether Rachel-pi would work in our context. Will keep researching and buy a raspberry pi to test, but a meeting would’ve been great.

Hope your trip was successful!


Trip was good - but far too busy. I didn’t get to meet up with anyone in SA, though I did meet up with our partner Esra in Namibia, which was great. Wherabouts in South Africa are you?

If our pi content looks like the kind of thing you want to cache, then RACHEL-Pi should be just about the easiest way to get everything up and running.

One word of warning – the Pi uses SD card storage, which doesn’t have as long a life as a hard drive. So for trying things out on a small scale, it’s great, but it won’t stand up to heavier long-term use. For that we recommend the RACHEL-Plus which is much more rugged and has a bit more content.