RACHEL in lower Saltpond primary

I was at lower Saltpond primary school in Saltpond a village in the central region of Ghana to install a RACHEL pi as a server to stand by desktop computers.


@Ayanamustapha maybe you can check this out?

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Hi Jeremy, I did spoke with Genesis and Sean on phone before and after the installation. I hosted a brief meeting with Genesis and took him through the RACHEL and Rachel Plus. I spoke with Mr. Sean on phone for a meeting in the future and possible ways to secure RACHEL Plus to improve the content going forward.
Attached are photos of Genesis during the installation and after we met up on my campus, University of Education, Winneba, South Campus.

I will be in contact check it out as soon as I can.
Just unfortunate I couldn’t join but provided on phone guidance. I look forward to meeting with the teachers for a workshop

Before Photos
After Photos

I hope to meet meet Mr, Sean and his team when they arrive again and will follow up as soon as I finish school.
Most Grateful