Rachel in Non-English speaking countries?

Hello everyone- we are deploying Rachel in Cambodia where the primary language is khmer, and knowledge of english is quite low. We are teaching english to our children (primary school level) but, their english ability is very restricted.
My question is- does anyone have an experience (and advice) deploying Rachel in a non-english speaking country?

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Yes, We’re deploying a RACHEL in Myanmar (Burmese language speaking country). We have set up 1 RACHEL in the monastic school. We are creating the local contents.

Hello @khinelay. Nice to meet you! Are you using any of the original content from Rachel? If so, which is best for non english speakers? And, how old are your children? (Ours are kindergarten-grade 6.) lesley

Hello @Camilo_Olea,
Nice to meet you. How have you modified RACHEL? Which RACHEL content has worked best in a non-english environment? kind regards, lesley

Hello Lesley,
In the monastic school, the teachers are good at English and they like to use the phonics. To modify, I create modules with Myanmar language.

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