RACHEL in Papua New Guinea

Hi everyone, here’s a message from another RACHEL user in Papua New Guinea, Nawi Mobo. Congratulations on your excellent work and press, Nawi!

Nawi says:
"I am from Papua New Guinea and last Christmas I undertook a personal project while on vacation in my home region involving RACHEL servers. The project was titled “Giving RACHEL to the Underserved”. It involved the presenting of RACHELs to three villages and teaching people basics on how to access the content and apply the information in practical situation. The project was featured in our MAF Asia Pacific Newsletter and on the National, one of the major newspapers in Papua New Guinea. You can read of the stories in the links below:

MAF Newsletter http://www.maf-papuanewguinea.org/giving-rachel-to-the-underserved/
National Newspaper https://www.thenational.com.pg/giving-rachel-underserved/
MAF Facebook post https://www.facebook.com/MAFPapuaNewGuinea/

Towards the end of last year, MAF PNG’s Finance Manager, Geoff Boer purchased the three servers on my behalf from World Possible for the personal project whose stories are covered by the various outlets in the links above. Because of this, many more places of learning and communities are gearing to buy RACHEL servers."


Great job by Nawi! I am from Bougainville, Papua New Guinea as well and would like to know how I can purchase the gadgets from World Possible. Please advise accordingly…

I would really appreciate your help.




Hi Nigel,

Thanks for your comment.

The servers were ordered directly from World Possible, here’s the link; https://store.worldpossible.org/collections/frontpage/products/rachel-plus. You can check with them (World Possible) if they are able to send to PNG through any of the major courier services. Jeremy and Nicole from World Possible may join in this conversation…. lately they have been receiving orders from PNG.

For my order, the RACHELs were sent to our (MAF) Cairns Office (Australia) where a member of our staff travelling to PNG brought them as part of his luggage and declared them to Airline, Customs and Airport Security.

If you need to get in touch with me regarding more information on the servers and the project I undertook, feel free to connect with me through LinkedIn via this link https://www.linkedin.com/in/nawi-mabo-8147548b



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Hi Nigel,
We are about to purchase for Nissan Island schools. Let me know if we can assist. I live in Canada but am heading home at the end of June. We will be in Buka possibly the first week of July.


Hi all,

Me and my students (DWU, Madang) will be doing a community awareness in Central Province over the holidays (specifically Kupiano Secondary School in the Rigo district). We have decided to setup Rachel-pi in that school. However being a student organization, sourcing funding can be a difficult task. The students raised enough funds to purchase the devices but found that they can be very expensive given the low PGK.

So we have decided to build one ourselves using the Raspberry Pi devices we already have. Will keep this list posted on the outcome.

Picky, DWU



And we managed to create our custom-built RACHEL-Pi using Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with a 128GB microSD. Now exploring options of adding local content modules.

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Managed to create a separate module for the Past National Exam pages. Although there is the same module in the OER2Go website I could not update due to firewall restrictions with my internet connection.

So I decided to try create a similar module for the RACHEL-Pi we have. Managed to do up a simplpe website directory in an hour. Trouble was to change the module folder permissions so I could copy the site contents over. Did this with the help of PUTTY and FILEZILLA.

The exams can also be found in this link PNG Education Talk - Papua New Guinea Education News

Note that this is done in custom built RACHEL-Pi.

The next project is to see if I can add further resources from NDoE particularly the SBC curriculum resources.


DEar Picky

Are you still working and supporting e-learning in PNG communities ?

If so please explain, best wishes Aaron

Hi Aaron,
Just doing my little bit in advocating RACHEL as an alternative especially to rural schools. We completed a small project in one school already. Trying to introduce RACHEL to another school this year. At the same time, I am looking for ways to collect empirical data on what works and what doesn’t. Setting something up is only half the job done but we want to know whether it is being fully utilized to better the goals of the school.


Hi Picky what is your background what are your interests, can you send a CV? are you able or interested to support similar assets computers with PNG curriculum on in other rural locations near you ?

Bets wishes Aaron

Hi @NicoleC,
My name is Paul Henry Yauko , I am with working at the office of the Chief Information Officer of Vanuatu and I have been assigned to find and solution to bridge the digital learning resources gap between remote rural community and the urban, in Vanuatu. Since, my country is an archipelago of over 80 islands spanning over 900 KMs, it is very difficult for the government to reach the remote areas in terms of services and infrastructure.

I have come across the project RACHEL yesterday and I found that RACHEL is the perfect solution I was looking for. Therefore, I was wondering if I could get more informations about the project in terms of:

  • How to start a new chapter?
  • What do I need get started?
  • How to get the equipment?
    The training involved, add update, maintain and trouble shoot

And maybe ‘wantok’ Mawi, could help support me with his wonderful experiences in the Pacific.



@phyauko I am from PNG and I am working hard to establish a World Possible Chapter in PNG. RACHEL is an excellent device that can be ustilised in our countries in like ours where Internet is very expensive, very slow and even cant reach rural schools and communities.

I was advised that @NicoleC is no longer working with World Possible. I have some documents that could help you regarding chapter. Kindly provide you email and will send them over. Have a top day. Laso Mana

@laso.mana, Thank you Laso for you kind help. As we have the same issue of remoteness, RACHEL is a possible solution to enhance education in our remote areas. Please Send the documents to my email bellow:

kind regards,

My name is Ryan Boldt I work with YWAM based in Kona Hawaii. I have spent some time in Kupiano and Rigo district. My team and I are wanting to use the Rachel Device to be able to able to share christian education in the islands throughout Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. I am curious if you have found success with this device in its deployment? I would love to connect with you more and ask you some questions. I hope to hear from you soon.


Ryan Boldt

@Aaron you can contact me via my email pairi@dwu.ac.pg to discuss further on other projects.