Rachel in png inspiring school leavers to return to school!

Hi everyone,
We recently introduced RACHEL at Nissan Island in August. I am so happy to report that RACHEL (and our library) has motivated students from all over the island to study harder now that they have access to so much information; furthermore, school leavers have been inspired to return to school. The headmaster contacted me recently when he returned to the mainland, saying that the trip was necessary because he had to register a long list of youths with the Flexible Open and Distance Education. Parents are also supporting their children by buying tablets and smart phones. This is what it is all about!! :smile:


We’ve tried it in Goroka but never got through because of lack of understanding of computers in general.


Hi Tony,
We were actually really surprised to see that many children/parents had smarts phones and tablets even though there is no power or network in Nissan. I think for the most part though the children are most likely using the devices to play games, listen to music and watch movies. If they can navigate their way around a smart phone or tablet they should be able to access RACHEL (just my 2 cents worth). But when we install the computers we will definitely have to set up training.


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