Rachel in Sierra Leone

I’m thinking about using Rachel for our teacher education project in Sierra Leone. I’d be interested to talk to anyone using Rachel in Sierra Leone. I believe there is a project from Cause Canada in the country.


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Dear Alison,

Thanks for your interest in using Rachel in Sierra Leone, the Sierra Leone chapter had been running through CAUSE Canada. Please feel free to contact me +23276768040

Samuel Momoh
Country Director
World possible
Sierra Leone chapter
Email: samuelm@worldpossible.org


Dear Samuel
Thanks for responding. I will send you an email.

Hi Alison, I am also based in Sierra Leone, in Makeni specifically. Where are you or your projects? I’ll be heading back with my family to SL on Dec 6.

Hi Joshua
thanks for getting back to me - great to hear from you.

I am working on an EU project with the Teacher Education colleges in Kenema, Bo, Freetown, Port Loko and Makeni. I am supporting capacity building for technology enabled learning and OER to improve the current distance teacher training programme - so I work in 4 Districts.

I will be running a workshop in Makeni from 6 to 9 December - good timing! Do you arrive in Makeni on 6th?

Maybe you can send me your WhatsApp number or email address and we can communicate?



Great! My whatsapp is currently +1 763-316-7151. I’d really like to be in Makeni for your workshop but I’ll be in Freetown for a week and a half after arrival while my wife helps with a workshop there. But I’d still love to know more about what you’re doing and possibly be more connected to it in the future.

Alison, good day. I hope this email finds you well. I was wondering if you are still working the programmes that you listed in support of teacher technology enabling? We are operating out of Koidu and Bo and was interested when reading your post of 2018.


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