Rachel Offline access on ipad


We are trialing some e-learning activities at a school in Southern Africa. We are starting with a donated ipad, which will be used offline. Is there a way of getting the Rachel learning materials onto it so that they can be used offline? We aren’t likely to have a server or wifi any time soon.

Failing this can anyone recommend any primary school learning materials which are accessible on ipad suitable for Soutehrn Africa?



Hi @Steve_Mcinerny

RACHEL-Pi creates a wireless signal that the iPad connects to. It doesn’t require internet, it already works offline. Putting content directly on the tablet doesn’t work, but using the tablet next to RACHEL-Pi or RACHEL-Plus would work.


Hi Jeremy is there anyway I can run this application offline on individual Android tablets with 32 gb sd card installed.



@Balapety – unfortunately no, while some content could be transferred to a tablet, most of it cannot. We build the RACHEL-Pi for this reason. Your tablets can connect to an offline hotspot, just a wireless signal, but no internet, produced by our RACHEL products. The tablets could then access the content.

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