Rachel on 3B+ booting from usb failing to complete load

A year ago I took out to Bolgatanga Ghana the then available jamesk version of Rachel (Ka-lite) on a 64Gb sandisk usb. This was integrated into a primary school’s IT lab by connecting to a router/switch with wired connections to c. 25 desktop PCs. All has worked well until yesterday when I received a message from Genesis who supports the system that Rachel is failing to load. Hard for him to see from the screen but it seems to fail on load at the host service/hostname line. The screen goes black. Any ideas on what the problem is most likely to be and whether it might be recoverable?

Seems to be a power problem but strange that it has just started to happen.

Hi @TrevorG,

Was the issue resolved? This sounds like the result of a bad shutdown which can happen sometimes with power issues. SD cards are more likely to corrupt from a bad shutdown, but I have had it happen with USB drives as well. If you can get me more information about when this happens in the boot process I can take a look to make sure there isn’t another reason.