Rachel on pi zero

I want to test if Rachel is working with Raspberry pi zero, and on pine64.

Why Raspberry pi zero? We are a school in kamerun,cassociation linux friends Limbe, and we just install kiwix on Raspberry pi zero , it works response time of a search is 1 to 3 seconds, so for us ok. We use Rachel we would like to distribute Rachel in other school, with raspberry zero it will be cheaper and with a 5 watts solar panel and power bank we can have Rachel every day.
Until now just test the image but not going. We must build an other image without any wired interface, if some one has already done, it would help us.

Why pine64?
We have 3 to test and they have 2 GB ram, so stronger. Same problem as above but here the wifi is not on board, we have one wifi module to test. Some test already done with pine 64?