Rachel on USB For Android Tablet

I would like learners in remote areas to take the tablets home but I need them to have access to Rachel at home. That means the option of using the Raspberry Pi does not work. What can I do for learners to have access to Rachel without necessarily having to be close to the Raspberry Pi? If there is a way may you please let me know of the hardware that I need to purchase?
Many thanks

Hi Jeffrey,

Unfortunately this is a bit tough due to the types of content available. Most of the content we have is either from Kiwix modules, which require a Kiwix server, Kolibri channels, or content that has to be run on a webserver to use PHP.

You can try going to rachel.worldpossible.org and downloading modules that are labeled -static, or try other modules manually, placing them on a MicroSD, and seeing how it goes.

The other option is a Raspberry Pi Zero W or Zero 2 W boards. The students could take home. They $5 Raspberry Pi Zero W can handle 1 student, and the $15 Zero 2 W can handle more.