RACHEL pendrive 24 gb content

during of this epidemic corona attack as we were locked on in home and there is no work to do so i was trying to work on RACHEL pen drive content which is near about 24 GB content very use full for individual like student , teacher , parent, school or university to get variety of information like Wikipedia for school, khan academy content, medical encyclopedia, scratch, info tech biovison and many more content . hence i m successfully done with the content to manage it in pen drive securely working for a life time without any virus attack. so here if any one required that please contact me will provide you the free of cost for needy one.
this is specially for those who are not able to afford high speed internet connection in there homes.
thanks in advance

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This is excellent. I would like to receive more information. That pen drive will really be a miracle to have.

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Thanks for appreciation this is not actually done by me the pendrive content was prepared by rachel communtiy only but long back time they just stopped with this format i dont know the reason . But through some my friend help i m succefully done with no virus attack pendrive with rachel content and i show to local government bodies they loved it very much…

Hi @rimit,
could you please share you recourses. I was looking to a solution to get ressourses to the remote community in Vanuatu.


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Hi phyauko
Please check this link http://rachelfriends.org/previews/rachelusb_32EN_4.0/RACHEL/
Initialy rachel started with this kind of usb stick which later on they stopped with this i have similar data in pendrive or usb stick which is totaly free from any kind of virus attack .

Thank you Rimit for you prompt response.
Is the installable version with Mowes still available?


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Yes it’s still available :blush: with me.