RACHEL Pi en Moodle stalled

My Pi image seemed t0 install ok, Kolibri and RACHEL work as expected however en Moodle starts to install then I get the message en-Moodle stalled. Has anyone else experienced this and if so have you been able to work around it.
The image is rachel-pi_09_06_21.img

Hi @giakonda - en-moodle is not supported on the Pi. That module is only for the plus where it comes pre-installed. I may look at a separate image that includes it if I get the time.

Thanks James, we are working with a group, Learning 2 Learn, to produce a site to support teachers in raising aspirations and motivation of young children in rural Zambia by improving their wellbeing.
I think noodle will do the job, not really sure. The alternative may be moodlebox.

Really pleased to see Moodle updating itself!