Rachel pi new image login and Password

Please I need the password and login for the RACHEL pi image
I did the image trying to install it and more I have got the where I need password to compete the installation on the pi.
Any help?Processing: 20211007_215227.jpg…
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Hi @Zenitheza - Which version of RACHEL-Pi are you using?

The default password on the latest images is pi/rachel

Raspberry pi 09_06_2021

I tried that and it’s not responding

Do you mean the RACHEL login? I use admin and Rachel+1
For Kolibri you create your own user-name and password. I use admin and Kolibri+1
I have no originality hehe

Please what’s the (new iamge) rachel pi default login and password


@Zenitheza - Does this mean the password pi/rachel worked for you?

You may be looking in the wrong spot. Most users never need to log in there and use these instructions to install content on RACHEL-Pi

Where it says:
rachel login:

You must enter

It will then say

You must enter:

and then press the enter key

the letters rachel will not appear as you type, however, the computer will receive them.

It worked out perfect
Thank you

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