File Share on Raspberry Pi 3 Model lB+

2GB should be the limit, depending on how you’re uploading. If you’re uploading a module through the new settings tab, it’s unlimited but very slower on the Pi.

Thank you for your timely response. In testing the File Upload feature on a raspberry pi 3 Model B+ using the 10/16/20 32bit RACHEL image, I have found that there is approximately 1,500 KB limit on the uploading of PDF files - this applies to other file formats as well. Not nearly the 2GB you cited above. I am using the File Share module that comes default with the RACHEL image. Can you tell me more about the “new settings tab”? I don’t seem to have run accross that feature. Your assistance is appreciated very much.

Hi @bjpoulsen - The new upload feature is in the new RACHEL-Pi images available at this topic. Can you try the file share with this image and confirm you’re still limited to 1.5mb?


I have tried the latest image you referenced at the link below. I encountered several line item error messages in regards to the wireless 802.11x driver/feature not available. Using this image, I could NOT connect using a wireless protocol to the Pi device. And, as a result, I reverted back to the 10/16/2020 image. I did not know how to troubleshoot the issue.

Bart Poulsen

Thsse are the “Failed to start Advanced IEEE 802.11 AP and IEEE 802.1x/WPA/WPA2/EAP Authenticator” error message I receive at start up using both the 32 and 64 bit 9/6/2021 RACHEL images. If this can be remedied I am all ears. Thanks again for your time. I am facing a time crunch as 3 raspberry pi and 10 RACHEL-Plus devices are heading to Ethiopia on 10/29 for deployment.

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Hi @bjpoulsen - I believe this is a wifi country setting issue specific to the Pi 3B+. I will run through it tomorrow and let you know what I find and give a fix.


Thank you again for your time and effort to support. Your timely responses are also very much appreciated.
Bart Poulsen

Hi @bjpoulsen - I will have to remake the image to fix this issue and then test. I will let you know when it’s ready.

I hope that a remake of the image is not too much of a problem. I await your notice that the new image is available. Than you.

Bart Poulsen

James: Just an observation…you mentioned a “new Settings Tab” thru which larger files could be uploaded to the Pi. I finally located the "new Settings Tab: on the 9/06/2021 image. BUT there is no “Module Upload” option on the “Settings Tab” on the 10/16/2020 image. Otherwize my delima of uploading larger files could have been done on the earlier image. Hopefully you will have a new image that solves the "Failed to start Advanced IEEE 802.11 AP and IEEE 802.1x/WPA/WPA2/EAP Authenticator” that happens with the 9/06/2021 Pi image. Thanks again for your support.

Bart Poulsen

Hi @bjpoulsen - The module upload utility is a new feature that is only available on the latest image. This feature is designed for the RACHEL-Plus and may not be as fast on the RACHEL-Pi. I try to make the same things available, but the Raspberry Pi is very limited in it’s capabilities compared to the Plus.

Once more I need to thank you for your continued support in providing a new image. I would very much like to use this new feature.

Bart Poulsen

Do you have an estimated date/time that you will have an updated Raspberry Pi 32bit image that corrects the "Failed to start Advanced IEEE 802.11 AP and IEEE 802.1x/WPA/WPA2/EAP Authenticator” error? I realize that you are a very busy person. I am facing a deadline to complete configuration of the three raspberry pi devices destined for Ethiopia - leaving 10/29/21. Thank you for your time.
Bart Poulsen

Hi @bjpoulsen - I will have time this weekend to investigate further and fix it. New images will be available by Monday.

Another update is that the file share module is limited to 2mb files due to a bug where it can’t intepret the new “2G” size setting. This will be fixed to allow files of ~500mb to be uploaded.


Thanks for your efforts. Looking forward to the new image’s availability. Please let me know when ready.

Bart Poulsen

The new 3B+ specific image is on the main post now. fileshare will be updated through the servers some time this week.

I have downloaded the new 3B+ image. The Wi-Fi issued resolved. Can you explain what you mean by “Fileshare will be updated through the servers sometime this week”? Not sure what this means as I am finding (currently) the same 1500 kb or so file upload limit.

Another item: I have a RACHEL module created by associate non-profit in the Ivory Coast. It would NOT upload correctly on the RACHEL-Plus 3.0 devices (as it will not upload correctly on the B+ device). I was directed to a set of instructions on how to use FileZilla to sftp into the root of the RACHEL-Plus device and migrate to the “modules” directory where I just copied the non-zipped set of files and it worked. IS there a similar method that I could employ with the Raspberry Pi? Please let me know…
Bart Poulsen

The en-file_share module will be updated on the content servers when the changes have been throroughly tested. It is not available yet.

When a new module version is available it will show on the “version tab” in the RACHEL admin area. Downloading through the install tab will also download the latest version of a module.

When you say it can’t upload, do you mean through the module upload utility on the settings page?

These are the requirements for uploading a custom module.

  • The file must be a valid zip file
  • The zip must contain a single folder at it’s root
  • The folder must have the same name as the zip
  • The folder must contain a rachel-index.php file

If you are seeing an error when you try to upload it, please paste a screenshot of the error so I can look into it further. This is the preferred method of installing modules through upload as it properly runs any scripts required for installation.

The WinSCP methods do work for RACHEL-Pi.

Hi @bjpoulsen - I suggest you check out the new “en-turn_it_in” module. The default login/password for it is teacher/Rachel+1. This is similar to the en-file_share module but with much more functionality and file sizes up to about 1.8GB should work.