Rachel-PI not savings settings after reboot

I am in northern Ghana and am leaving tomorrow morning. It was discovered today that the Rachel-PI device is not saving ANY settings after a power down/power up or a reboot. This is within KALite (coaches, learners, facilities) and also when you enter the Rachel PI as admin and hide content sections.

For the record the device was not registered before taking it in country.

i am linux literate, please provide a resolution to this issue.

David Coffey


Very strange – do the settings work before you reboot? For example, when you sort/hide modules in the RACHEL Admin, does it change the front page as expected? I guess I am wondering if somehow your SD card is stuck as read-only… or whether it is writing but then getting reset on reboot (though I can’t understand how that might happen)…

Yes the settings applied (content on home page, adding users, coaches etc in KA Lite) “stick” until the reboot. I have pondered the idea of the card being “read only” but then I doubt the system would run at all.

I have been over the logs in /var/log and find nothing that looks odd.

All the content is served up by Apache, correct? I have checked the Apache logs in the /var/log and find nothing odd there either.

The frustration is we pull out tomorrow morning and I am leaving behind a system that is not 100%.


After more time spent researching this issue I can only conclude the SD card has failed after less than 5 hours use. I have a backup image taken from when the device was first received but no spare card and there are no cards of this type to be had in this part of Ghana.

I am headed south to Accra and may be able to find replacements down there.

Actually I did have spare. There was an old 64gig qcard in my wife’s tablet. I did the reimage and all is well

Glad to hear it worked out - that is disappointing that the SD card failed so quickly.