I have used the raspberry pi with a smart-phone power bank 20Ah (20000mAhrs) to power the Pi which lasts for more than a day. You have to shut it down properly from the admin page and recharge the power bank overnight, I have also used a 12v to 5v converter from ebay and a leisure battery. If you have a solar panel of at least 80 watts you can keep the pi going forever ( some degree of licience there)

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This set is work for RACHEL 3.0?

With the new Pi the power source must be able to deliver 3 amps. This will work fine on all the Pis so we make sure anything we use is capable of providing 3 amps.


Hi everyone, just to clarify, the informatin in this thread is only about RACHEL-Plus. @giakonda – has also provided some feedback for powering the Pi, but I don’t want to confuse folks too much. The RACHEL-Plus requires 12V / 2A power, the Pi requires 5V / 3A power, so very different set-ups.

As @giakonda points out, a powerbank can be a good solution for powering the pi when the shutdown is controlled.

For the plus, I have only seen a small handful of 12V powerbanks, which I have linked to earlier in this thread.

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Any idea what the tolerance is for those? Can it run directly off of lead acid batteries(typically 13.8v-10v) or does it need to be down/up regulated to 12v. I run many devices directly off my battery system including a router.

Quick tip regarding the PI setups. There are battery backup systems for the PI that will run the PI and shut the system down when power is too low to ensure proper shutdown without corrupting the SD card. If anyone wants advice on that you can hit me up on another thread and I’ll try to present some options.