Rachel Pi static ip

After physically removing the wireless component from the Rachel Pi I only have a static ip now and it’s a public ip of 169.254.69.X. Is there any way to change that so I can make it a private ip of 192.168.0.X?

Thanks for you help.

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How did you remove the physical wireless component? Is it an older RACHEL Pi with the external WiFi?

The ip address is going to be assigned by your router. If your router is online, it will assign RACHEL a public IP. If your router is offline it will assign it a 192.168.0.x IP. You have to use the router settings to determine the IP.

It was internal to the board.I have an electronics background so even though I couldn’t find a schematic online I did find a block diagram which helped point me to the wireless, which pretty much looked like a surface mount capacitor…and I De-soldered it. Fortunately it didn’t effect the rest of the device; which I had no way of knowing without a schematic of the control board.

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Take a look here :slight_smile:

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Hello Jeremy, I am trying to SHH into my Pi so that I can assign a static IP ad. I have the screen attached what command line do I input to go to the next stage? I didn’t receive this screen before when I was assigning IP addresses.

Hi @Jeffrey,

Please see this forum post for a list of file locations to change the IP address in.