Rachel Plus 3.0 Failing to Restart After Switching Off

I was having a challenge with Rachel not showing the Wifi on Button After switching it off through the power Button.

I got a helpful tip of inputing a Keyboard and pressing control D.

However, I made a slight discovery today that may need validation even though its currently working with me.

If You Hard-press the on/off button as you are switching Rachel Plus 3.0 off it will give you trouble as you are either resetting it or Hard-booting it.

The Key is to press the power button twice in fast sequence. Sort off double click the power button.

This way when you switch it back on, you don’t get into any failure to boot problems.

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Your input may be real useful especially for the non IT people like me. Can you elaborate clearly, do you mean double clicking when Powering off or Powering on?

I had another strategy to overcome the problem. The device bring trouble when you power it off using button (manually) I am recommending switch it off using Powering system instead of manually. I will share how to do this.

Double click when powering off. I have tried it severally. Long press when powering on.


Yes. By double-clicking the button or using the software Shutdown button in the admin area (hardware tab), the device shuts down gracefully. If the device is not shut down gracefully, it causes a filesystem check which exceeds a boot time metric and results in a warning upon boot (which requires Ctrl+D to continue booting).

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Thank you Steve, the problem is rested now.

Good to know. Thanks for sharing. Is this written in the manual?

All new Rachel Plus devices have this info included within the “Quick Start Guide” and state “tap power button 3 times and wait to turn off” on the device labels.

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