RACHEL Plus 3.0 network issues

Dear Friends, we have installed RACHEL Plus 3.0 in a number of schools in Takoradi, Ghana. We have started noticing some interesting network issues. If you connect via wireless on it connects and works perfectly, but with the network in the Lab on it doesnt connect.
Can someone help us on this. Thanks

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Hi @Nick - I don’t think RACHEL 3.0 when added to a network in the LAB would get the IP address - usually that IP address is reserved for the router in the LAB. You would need to login to the router and check the IP address that has been assigned to CMAL-100 or RACHEL. Alternatively, if you connect to RACHEL via Wireless while RAHCEL is also connected to the LAB network, in the top right of the homepage will be a LAN IP address. What IP address do you see there?

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Thanks Jeremy for the quick response. Upon a quick we realised the network IP is rather Despite the change, the problem still persists. We have the same issues at 3 defferent locations where we have deployed RACHEL.

Any other clues?

Hi @nick, is the IP address to access RACHEL when connected over WIFI.

The LAN IP address at the top of the RACHEL home page should be the IP address assigned by your router. Is the IP showing at the top of RACHEL?

If it’s not working I can send you our latest recovery image for a USB recovery which may help to reset the device.


Thanks James. we have tried that before and it did not work. Will be very pleased if you can send me the recovery image to use to reset the device.

many thanks

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Hi @nick,

I’ve sent a message with the link to the recovery.